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From concept to completion, you will be impressed with our ability to bring beautiful workspaces to life whilst maintaining a refreshing respect to your budget. 

We work with all walks of business, ranging from start-ups making their move from their dining room table, right through to multi-national corporations. The Trade Design team have razor sharp experience with corporate design and construct, which ensures all of our clients are safely and expertly nurtured with all considerations incorporated into our program.

Whatever your workplace objectives are, we have the team experience that will achieve your fitout goals.






KERRIE PAYNE (director)

Commonly referred to by our tradies, clients and local coffee suppliers as Kez, this one tends to run a fairly tight ship. Not one to shy away from any type of design challenge (big or small), Kez's ability to overcome obstacles and come up with cost-saving alternatives will no doubt keep a smile on your face. She loves design in every sense, be it interiors, architecture, fashion, art - anything that pleases the eye. A little obsessive some would say.

Fun fact: Kerrie is a country girl at heart and came 3rd in national cattle judging competition in her younger years!

Favourite City: LA

Drink of Choice: Sloe Gin

APRIL HAGAN (operations + design manager)

Smart. Honest. Do-er. April is our go-to for, well, almost anything. She has built a stunning background in interior management with some of the leading international agencies of the world in London. Coming back to her hometown of Newcastle to thaw out, April also brought home a priceless souvenir of experience and nous which makes her our very own oracle. 

Fun Fact: April is a bonafide Belieber and is not afraid to announce it to anyone. Even her anaesthetist. 

Favourite City: New York.

Drink of Choice: Hendricks & Cucumber

KHARI SMITH (senior designer)

Khari is our resident artiste. She has super powers consisting of being a mother of 2 very energetic boys whilst simultaneously being organised, efficient and reliable. Khari literally has designer blood running through her veins with her entire family being in the architectural / interior sector. Khari's natural talent has seen her work consist of some of Newcastle and Sydney's most iconic fitouts.

Fun Fact: Khari is Tara Brown's doppelganger and encounters moments of mistaken identity almost daily!

Favourite City: Venice, Italy

Drink of Choice: G&T. Notice a pattern here??

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